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Meet some of the Authors.

Illustrating Your Dreams Animating Your World

Are you thinking of self publishing a children's book? If so allow our team to help you create and brand your project. We will illustrate your book, create your marketing material such as posters, fliers, book mark and a 30 second animated book trailer. We will also format & set up your book for print with Createspace/Amazon as well as create your website with a store for one great price.

The Process

We are with you every step of the way. The following is a quick summary of the process. With your input we will begin with character development until we get the desired look for the cast and scenery. Our team will then begin to illustrate your book receiving approval from you for each page before we move on to the next. After the book is completed we will begin to create your 30 second animated trailer and marketing material. Finally we will create your website and store.

Kofi Johnson

Kofi Johnson is a native of Rochester New York, he has worked extensively in the multi media field for over 20 years.  Kofi was one of the first to produce and self publish a comic book which features an African American super hero, even going on to produce a special series in conjunction with the American Cancer Society, to promote non-tobacco use among the urban youth. Kofi has been featured in many magazines such as About Time magazine, Rochester Magazine, Reality Magazine, The Sentinel, The Democrat & Chronicle, City Paper, and The Creative Loafing highlighting his creative genius and community service through visual arts. Kofi has served as the Art Director for the Boys & Girls Club, Marketing rep for AEI records, Art Director for Spector Records, and Art Director for Skid-e-Kids a social networking site for children.  Kofi illustrated the coloring book Scholars Make Dollars that was sponsored by TARGET, the coloring book aimed to teach children the science of business and basic life skills. Also being an professional film director Kofi has directed 10 music videos to his credit and directed the TV series THE MENU which aired in Ghana, West Africa. Kofi has worked as a story board artist, comic book illustrator, camera operator, and video editor. Kofi has also shared his career at many schools and children organizations to increase the interest of multimedia for the upcoming generation.

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